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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should we book our wedding photographer?

Typically, most couples will book their photographer six to nine months in advance of their wedding dates. However, it's advisable to book your wedding photographer as soon as you've set your wedding date and venue. Popular photographers can be booked up quickly, especially during peak wedding season.

How many photos can we expect from our wedding day?

The number of photos can vary depending on the package you choose and the events of your day. Generally, you can expect 50-75 images per hour, or several hundred edited images that beautifully capture every moment.

Can we provide a shot list or specific poses we want?

Absolutely! I welcome your input and any specific shots or poses you have in mind. It helps ensure we capture all the moments that are most important to you.

Do you offer engagement sessions as part of your packages?

Yes, engagement sessions are included in some of our packages. They're a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to become more comfortable in front of the camera.

How long does it take to receive our edited photos?

The editing process typically takes 4-6 weeks, but I'll provide you with a timeline during our initial consultation. I understand the excitement of seeing your photos, and I strive to deliver them to you promptly. Sneak peeks are usually delivered within 24 hours, a few days, or a week after the wedding, depending on which package is chosen. 


Can we order prints or albums through you?

Yes, absolutely! I offer a range of print and album options. We can discuss these details during our post-wedding consultation.


What happens if you're unable to make it to our wedding?

While it's extremely rare, I do have a network of trusted colleagues in the industry. In the unlikely event I'm unable to attend, I'll ensure a skilled and experienced photographer is available to capture your day.


Are travel fees included in your packages?

Travel fees may apply for locations outside our service area. We can discuss any potential travel costs during our initial consultation.


Do you take posed family photos as well?

Absolutely! Posed family photos are an important part of documenting your wedding day. We can work together to create a list of desired family shots.


Can we meet with you before booking?

Definitely! I encourage couples to schedule a consultation. It's a great opportunity to discuss your vision, ask questions, and ensure we're the perfect fit for your special day. Let's get coffee, go for a walk, or grab a drink if that's more your style. 

Can you describe your photography style? 

My style is a blend of photojournalistic and fine art, focusing on capturing genuine moments and emotions while also incorporating artistic elements for timeless and beautiful images.


Do you have experience shooting at our venue?

I've had the privilege of photographing weddings at various venues. If I haven't worked at your specific venue, I'll visit it beforehand to familiarize myself with the space and plan the best shots.


How do you handle challenging lighting conditions?

I'm equipped to handle a variety of lighting situations. Whether it's low light indoors or harsh sunlight outdoors, I have the experience and equipment to ensure your photos look stunning in any condition.


Can we request specific editing styles for our photos?

While I maintain a consistent editing style, I'm open to discussing specific preferences you may have. We can collaborate to ensure the final edits align with your vision.


What happens if our wedding day runs longer than expected?

I understand that weddings can sometimes go beyond the planned timeline. I'm flexible and can adjust to accommodate extended coverage. We'll discuss any additional charges for overtime during our initial consultation.


How do you handle unexpected situations, like bad weather?

I always have a backup plan for inclement weather. Whether it's moving indoors, utilizing creative indoor spaces, or embracing the elements for unique shots, we'll make the most of the situation.


Can we provide you with a list of must-have shots?

Absolutely! I encourage you to share any specific shots or moments you'd like captured. It helps me ensure your wedding album reflects your unique story.


Do you bring backup equipment?

Yes, I always have backup cameras, lenses, and other essential equipment on hand. Ensuring the reliability of my gear is a top priority.


Can you help us plan the photography timeline for our wedding day?

Certainly! I offer guidance on creating a timeline that allows for the best lighting conditions and captures all the key moments. We'll work together to ensure a smooth and stress-free day.


What's included in your wedding photography packages?

Each package typically includes coverage on the wedding day, edited high-resolution images, an online gallery for easy sharing, and options for additional services like engagement sessions and prints. We can discuss specific details during our consultation.

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