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Meet the team behind
Krush Photography

Hi there! I'm Kristina Rusch, but you can call me Krush. My passion for photography blossomed in the electric atmosphere of live music, gradually evolving into a journey that now encompasses events, portraits, and weddings.


Credit for my unwavering dedication to photography goes to my father, a seasoned wedding photographer. It's a path I never expected to follow, yet I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.


Armed with a film production degree from Hofstra University, my journey began with a solid foundation in cinematography. At the age of 18, I captured my first professional event and soon transitioned into the role of a lighting assistant for weddings. A brief stint working alongside my father in his New York studio preceded my move to Colorado, where I spread my wings and established my own venture. I've been shooting weddings on my own since 2018. 

Beyond the lens, I find solace in nature, indulging in activities like hiking, snowboarding, camping, and kayaking—embracing the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado. As a self-professed thrill-seeker, I revel in "type-2" fun, the kind that carries a hint of excitement.


When not immersed in work or outdoor pursuits, I cherish moments with friends and family, especially my two fur-babies, Gracie the Goldendoodle and Griswold, the world’s most vocal cat. My slight obsession with them is undeniable.


Driven by an unyielding commitment to deliver an exceptional experience, I invest my heart in every aspect of my work. From our initial consultation to the final delivery of a meticulously curated gallery, I am devoted to understanding the unique vision and desires of each couple.


Through genuine connections and open communication, I ensure my clients feel seen, valued, and truly understood. Thank you for taking the time to explore my work and learn a bit about the person behind the lens. I truly appreciate the opportunity to connect, discuss your unique vision, and embark on this exciting photographic journey together. 




Kristina Rusch

Owner & Lead Photographer

Matthew Meloney

2nd Photographer / Videographer

Meet Matthew, a soul who found his passion for photography amidst the scenic beauty of Napa Valley, California, and now calls charming Lyons, Colorado, home.


His photographic journey began just before a trip to Israel, and upon returning, he delved into producing captivating landscape imagery during his backcountry adventures across North America. This venture into the visual arts naturally led him to explore weddings and portraiture, adding a new dimension to his creative pursuits.


When Matthew isn't capturing moments through his lens, you'll likely find him traversing local trails or immersed in the world of music.


As a key collaborator with Kristina, Matthew serves as the magician behind the second camera and a wizard in videography. His extraordinary talents behind the lens complement the mission to create magical visual narratives.

Say hi to Katie, an outdoor enthusiast with a profound love for photography, driven by the belief that it captures timeless moments that last a lifetime. She considers it a blessing to provide individuals with the ability to hold onto these precious moments.


Katie's journey into photography began in childhood when she got her hands on a disposable camera. Venturing into the woods, she aimed to capture the beauty of trees, birds, and everything that caught her eye. At the age of 16, Katie received her first digital camera, marking the beginning of her photographic history. Over the years, her passion expanded to photographing nature and its wonders.


In more recent times, she has discovered joy and fulfillment in capturing the essence of music, weddings, engagements, and a wide array of subjects. As an integral part of the team, Katie contributes her unique perspective as a second photographer, adding depth and creativity to the collaborative work of the Krush Photography team.

Katie Frim

2nd Photographer
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