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Welcome to Krush Photography, where love and breathtaking landscapes intertwine in the heart of Colorado's majestic mountains.

Step into a world where whimsy dances with romance, and every frame captures the essence of your special day. We believe that weddings are a celebration of love, a tapestry of precious moments woven together to create a story that will be cherished for a lifetime.
Nestled amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of Colorado's mountain ranges, our lens captures not just the picturesque backdrops but also the genuine emotions that fill the air. From the soft whisper of vows exchanged to the hearty laughter shared with loved ones, we strive to immortalize the essence of your love in each photograph.

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At Krush Photography, we are more than just photographers; we are storytellers. With an unwavering passion for our craft, we embark on a journey with you, eager to craft a narrative that is uniquely yours. Our approach is rooted in a genuine connection with our couples, ensuring that every click of the shutter captures the authenticity of your love story.


With a friendly and down-to-earth demeanor, we blend seamlessly into your day, allowing you to be your truest selves. We understand that weddings are not just about staged poses but the raw and candid moments that reveal the depths of your emotions. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and relaxed, enabling us to capture the fleeting glances, stolen kisses, and joyful tears that paint the canvas of your union.


The mountains of Colorado serve as both our playground and muse. From the rolling meadows kissed by golden sunlight to the snow-capped peaks that touch the heavens, we believe in harnessing the natural beauty that surrounds us to create truly extraordinary images. Whether it's an intimate elopement nestled amidst towering pines or a grand celebration beneath the wide-open sky, we embrace the diverse landscapes that Colorado has to offer, ensuring that your photographs transport you back to the very moment you said "I do."


Choosing a wedding photographer is a deeply personal decision, and we are honored that you have considered Krush Photography to be a part of your extraordinary journey. We invite you to explore our portfolio, where each image is a testament to our commitment to capturing genuine, heartfelt moments. If our style resonates with you and you're ready to embark on an adventure that encapsulates the magic of your love, we can't wait to connect and bring your vision to life.


Let's embark on this incredible journey together, where love meets the mountains, and memories are forever etched in time.


Estes Park Colorado Destination Wedding Photographer
"Kristina was recommended by a mutual friend for our wedding photographer. Not only were the pictures gorgeous as well as getting them back quickly. But she truly captured so many emotional moments. As the bride, she also helped me stay calm, cool, and collected. She wrangled all of the family and wedding party groups with ease.
She made our day incredibly comfortable, easy, and beautiful!"

Kendall & Alex

Longmont, Colorado

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Krush Photography is a full-service photography studio, providing clients with beautiful and timeless photos that capture the moments that matter most. We are committed to providing a great customer experience, from the initial inquiry to the moment you receive your photos.

When booking a photography session, our team will walk you through the entire process, from selecting a package that best suits your needs to creating a timeline for the day of your session. After your session, you can expect to receive your edited photos within two weeks. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients are happy with the results.

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